Dynamic programs

Competitions are classic team building activities whereby small groups aim to achieve a goal independently and in competition with other groups.  Group dynamic processes automatically take place and lead to the strengthening of the group feeling.

Mocrens team building activities are generally designed for a minimum of 10 participants and for a duration of around 2,5 to 3 hours.

Soapbox GP
Each racing team (of max. 10 persons) aims to build a soapbox with all the materials provided. The roadworthiness has to be proven in a race at the end of the activity, whereby not only the speed, but also the ability and skill to master a number of additional duties is judged.

Ben Hur chariot race 
Similar to the soap box race, in this activity the participants have to build roman chariots as opposed to soap boxes. The race at the end of the activity has to be won with the chariot being pulled by its own team.

Raft regatta Robinson Crusoe
In this activity the participants will definitely get wet. The game is played at the shore of one of the many lakes or on the beach – a raft is built and a concluding regatta will prove its seaworthiness. Entertaining highlight afterwards is the additional costume contest with a sketch. 

Beach olympics
It’s not only the taking part that counts, as in this game everyone wants to be among the winners. The beach games are played in groups; sun and refreshments are a perfect ending to this active program.

Rallye & regatta - per pedes, motor, velum – by foot, with motor or by sail!
We offer all sorts of rallye types:  a tour to discover a city, through the countryside with a bike, scooter, segway, golf kart, convertible or as regatta on the sea. The objective is always to get to know and appreciate the beauty and culture of the country. 

Themed activities
Themed activities are offered based on world famous themes,  for example the Illuminati treasure hunt in Rome, discovering fashion in Milan, In the footsteps of Commissario Brunetti in Venice, the Pope in the Vatican, Francis Ford Coppola on Sicily, Leonardo da Vinci in Tuscany or Dante Alighieri in Florence and many more.

Action – take one! 
With digital video camcorders and Polaroid cameras, a script is translated into visuals. In selected locations and with all the right accessories, the participants become the stars in a movie or photo shoot.