Gourmet Programs and tastings

Gourmet programs can define an entire trip, for example when wine and white truffles determine the daily agenda. Whether it be a food-themed Gourmet tour or a Tour of Italy featuring other activities, one can get to see the many different aspects of Italy and experience first-hand, the Italian cuisine for which Italy is world famous. 

Tasting local specialties always means getting to know the whole quality range of a product and its varying taste intensities. The purpose of a tasting is to get to know the product with all its nuances. Our tastings are combined with an intense but entertaining introduction to the subject.

Tastings and cooking lessons are a natural combination and complement each other perfectly. 

Culinary focus:

  • Olive oil
  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • Wine and sparkling wine
  • White Truffle
  • Coffee and chocolate
  • In the kitchen and in the market – spices, vegetables and fruit.