Italian Festivals

Mocren Interart provides the choreography for impressive festivals typical of the country where they are held.  The secret of a joyful group experience lies in the fact, that the guests take over the leading role and bring the festival to life. Each celebration has a theme that can be carried out depending on the budget. Each festival can be staged in various locations.

Emperor’s festival
This festival is ideal for vivacious groups of men. In the lines of a feast of victorious, Roman generals, this festival was held by the emperor to honor the extraordinary deeds of his glorious men.
The choreography consists of numerous decorative backdrops that will turn back the hands of time for your guests and take them right back to the Roman Empire. Some examples are antique temples, statues, or the Forum Romanum. 

With a laurel wreath and the sound of fanfares, the guests will enter the scene of the banquet through a full-scale Triumph Arc... Ideal locations include villas, castles and country houses. 

Festa Italiana
This cheerful village festival highlights a hearty Italian setting. With music, games, wine and culinary delights, one indulges in the Italian dolce far niente in the lovely decorated surroundings of a country house, village square or rustic restaurant. The Festa Italiana can be combined with a cooking or art class or a wine or food tasting. 

Mafia Festival
In the style of "Spats" Colombo (from the movie: Some like it hot), mafia boss during the prohibition in Chicago of the 20s, you are invited to attend a secret gathering of the Sicilian Mafia, a dinner with the Cosa Nostra. Who or what will jump out of the cake in the end remains a mystery for now… 
Ideal locations include villas and aristocratic estates.

Panem et circenses – bread & games
While having a delicious lunch or dinner, maybe with a barbeque of fish or meat, and in a casual and hearty atmosphere, you can play some games. Together or against one another is actually secondary. The decorative games are easy to learn, but do require skills and creativity to succeed. The program is particularly well adapted for groups of up to 60 persons.  

Masked ball
Carnival in Venice. Exclusive and imaginative, with authentic costumes from the  heydey of the Venetian Serenissima. There is a selection of more than 20.000 models to choose from. After the individual fittings, costumes will be individually adapted overnight, so that everyone in the Patrician palace on the Canale Grande can make bella figura.