Storage, logistics and event accessories

Event accessories

Despite the many top-class locations and restaurants in Italy, disappointment can sometimes be great.

A winery usually does not make the standard equipment of a caterer available, an antique villa does not have the facilities of a modern restaurant and a pizzeria cannot be made into a cocktail lounge for an after dinner party.

Mocren Interart has taken note of these needs and offers its customers a wide range of accessories out of its own stock, to upgrade the level of services of the events in different locations:  
  • Barbeque stands – for a BBQ on the beach
  • Parasols – for an aperitif in the open
  • Cocktail tables – for a prosecco reception at La Scala in Milan
  • Patio heaters – for a dinner in a vineyard
  • Ice cream truck – for an unexpected ice cream stop on the way
  • Cocktail tents – for a reception in a castle garden
  • Lounge furniture – for the after dinner in an Italian garden
  • Wicker chairs – for a rustic feel comfortable seat
  • Plate warmers – for a guaranteed hot meal
  • Chafing dishes – for every buffet
  • Chair covers – for precious moments
  • Picnic baskets – for pleasant stops on the way
  • Etc...