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Ideas for enhancing event formats - living social responsibility

Many events try to set themselves apart by setting new stimuli. Mostly looking after in the category: "Higher, faster, further ...".

An international corporation has rethought this challenge with us for its sales event in Rome. With the aim of broadening the horizons of the participants and thus taking a look out of the box. To take the employees emotionally and sensitize them for their own existence. A task of the category "money can not buy".

Thank the open-mindedness of our customer, the solution of this task was found in a meaningful social commitment. The goal was to share some of our "happiness" – to give something back to who deserves.

In collaboration with a non-profit organization that operates numerous orphanages and assisted housing groups for displaced women in and around Rome, with and without children, a project was launched in which the participants built and decorated wooden toys in a workshop lasting several hours. In a festive setting, these donations were presented to a visibly stirred delegation of children and volunteers.